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Welcome to Saddleworth Primary School

Saddleworth Primary School is a small rural school situated 110km north of Adelaide in the Clare and Gilbert Valley of South Australia. The school familial background consists of a rural farming community as well as local residents who reside and work in the town and nearby areas. Establishing, developing and maintaining meaningful interactions with families, school and the community is a focus.

Staff believe that each child will succeed through experiencing and engaging in a broad and challenging curriculum; be surrounded by a safe, supportive learning environment with an enriching programme of extra- curricular activities and visits; be exposed to relevant, up to date learning resources and have an investigative approach to learning and a variety of teaching methodologies. This is achieved through maintaining learning partnerships between staff, parents and the wider community. In 2015, staff has led the focus on visible learning and will continue to focus on this in 2016.

The schools vision is to provide students with a secure environment with quality relationships, a diversity of learning and programmes, to celebrate achievement and to provide an enjoyable learning environment.  

Currently in 2016 there are 58 students enrolled at Saddleworth Primary School. Class structures are set out as follows: Rec/Year 1/Year 2 (Junior Primary – 21students); Year 3/Year 4/ (Middle Primary –15 students); Year 5/Year 6/Year 7 (Upper Primary-22 students). Students at risk are identified by staff and these students work one on one with a teacher for intensive literacy support throughout the week. Saddleworth is a Category 3 school and in 2016 we have two ATSI students.     

In 2016, student voice continues to be a focus as this was established in 2014. 2016 is the third year of the Student Representative Council (SRC). Members were elected by their peers with a representative from each year level being elected with a change over each term. 2016 also saw the third year of School Captains and the continuation of House Captains.

The Year 6 and 7 students also follow a leadership criteria checklist that is monitored by the Principal, class teacher and students and is assessed each term.

2016 is the third year and continuation of Individual Learning Plans (ILP) for every student.

In 2016 we continue our ties and relationships with the Saddleworth Early Learning Centre which is a strong transition focus for students entering as Reception students to the Primary School.