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Saddleworth Primary School is a centre of learning

Welcome to Saddleworth Primary School

Our Saddleworth Primary School values of Respect – Achievement – Kindness, are at the core of all we do. We are committed to improving the educational attainment and wellbeing of every student in our care.

Saddleworth is a small rural town situated 110km north of Adelaide in the Gilbert Valley and is part of Clare Valley Council. Saddleworth Primary School is part of the Lower Mid North Partnership in the Gawler 2 Portfolio of schools. The school is central to the local community, with most students living in the town or surrounding farms.

For 2022, we have 27 enrolled students, and with Governing Council support, we have a two class structure. Foundation, year 1 and year 2 make up Junior Primary and years 3, 4, 5 and 6 make up Senior Primary.

Our School Improvement Plan is about improvement in writing but recent years have been about reading and developing vocabulary and we won’t lose any focus on those improvements. We have a systematic, synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness program in our JP to give our students a good foundation to reading. Across the school we are improving reading comprehension and building vocabulary with Literature Circles and writing with BrightPath. We access Sporting Schools grants that have led to expert coaching in Tennis, Cricket and Orienteering. To further support our school families, our OSHC has been active for three years and is going strong.

An Early Learning Centre is located on the site, which is also supported by families from neighbouring towns. The majority of students enrolled at Saddleworth Primary School transition to Riverton District High School at the end of their primary schooling.

The Australian Curriculum provides the framework for learning programs. Auslan (Australian sign language), Visual Arts and Music (yes playing instruments) are taught at the school by specialist teachers. Maintaining chicken and vegetable gardens, and utilizing our fully equipped kitchen are features of learning at Saddleworth Primary School.

School Captains are appointed each year as school leaders, ably supported by Sports Captains who play a significant role in the sporting participation and development of all students. A Student Voice is empowered through the Student Representative Council. Members are voted in each semester, and actively contribute to the school vibe by organise special days such as The Colour Run, Bandanna Day, Do it for Dolly, to name a few.