Welcome to Saddleworth Primary School

Saddleworth Primary School is committed to improving the educational attainment, learning progression and positive wellbeing of every student in our care. Students attending are primarily from our local community and adjacent rural properties, with some travelling from neighbouring towns. Our values of Respect, Kindness and Achievement lie at the heart of our teaching and learning approach, and are reflected in our diverse curriculum. Additionally, our school logo reflects our strength and value in developing strong ties to families and the wider community.

Our school is situated 110km north of Adelaide, in the Gilbert Valley region. Education in Saddleworth began in 1876, with the 150 year celebration of education in our town scheduled for 2026.

At Saddleworth Primary School we provide a diverse, structured and student focussed R-6 curriculum where all learning needs are catered for. Our focus area and daily morning learning blocks are numeracy and literacy, with our site improvement plan goals centred on this. We cover all learning areas across the curriculum and are blessed with fantastic facilities to accommodate each child. This includes our fully equipped kitchen, chicken and vegetable gardens, sporting facilities, specialised art spaces, a range of musical instruments, as well as specialised educators in the areas of Science, Health, Technologies, Auslan, PE and Indigenous perspectives.

We have a strong focus on community involvement in supporting student learning, and where possible always source community members and facilities to compliment student engagement and educational outcomes. We have a passionate and dedicated Governing Council, who are committed to the future growth and development of our school.

At Saddleworth Primary School we understand that our role is to equip our students with the tools to become lifelong learners and leave our site at the completion of their primary schooling as well rounded students, both inside and outside of the classroom. With this focus in mind we lead and celebrate student leadership through School Captains, House Captains and our Student Representative Council. Students plan, organise and facilitate special days such as dress up days, colour runs, community events and collaboration with other schools.

Saddleworth Primary School is an inclusive environment, where all stakeholders are valued, recognised and celebrated.